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Kind of Repairs we do

Shocks & Suspension

Punture Repairs

Transmission Services

Clutch Replacement

Brakes & Brake pads

Tune up services

Starter Motors

Exhaust Repairs


Cambelt Replacement

Water pumps

Power steering

About Us

At Hygrade Motors we Highlight benefits of preventive Maintenance to Our Customers. Regular Servicing of automobiles will prevent unexpected break-downs, inconvenience and additional costs coming with it. So to Encourage Customers to do Regular Service,We are running Special Combo Prices for Service +WOF+ Engine flush.Free WOF with Standard Service ---- $130*. Free WOF with Premium Service ---- $175*. * Conditions Apply Calls for an Appointment or Drive in for further details.

Our Specialists


CEO / Automotive Specialist


Director / Automotive Specialist

What They Say About Us

WOF Auckland – New Zealand motor car certificate of Fitness

WOF stands for the warrant of fitness and according to New Zealand motor car law, warrant of fitness is required in every 12 months for the car less than 6 years of age and 6 months for the car over 6 years from the date of manufacturing. It is a proof that car is safe to drive on the road and in warrantable condition. At Hygrade Motors, we conduct complete WOF official examination for your car, by our fully qualified WOF inspector.
We are New Zealand Transport Agency approved to carry out WOF inspections and follow all norms comply by New Zealand Transport Agency on all warrant of fitness requirements. All WOF inspectors at Hygrade Motors have sound experience in car repair and service which means that while doing inspection service, and we can do all require car repair if needed at the same place. We can provide car repair and car towing for the following:

  • Caravans
  • Cars and light cars
  • Trailers

Did you know

It’s always a good idea to group together your WOF and car service done at the same time as WOF inspections do not cover all aspects of your car. For e.g.: clutch, engine, gearbox and differential; paintwork condition and rust in non-structural areas are not checked in WOF inspections, but they can be checked as part of a car service.

Hygrade Motors provides car towing and repair service in Auckland City, we will be the most handy choice if you have any car towing needs in the following areas: Auckland City, Mt.Roskill, CBD, Avondale, New Lynn, Mt Albert, Hills Borough, Balmoral, Mt Eden. We are more than happy to help and discuss any queries you may have in reference to car safety.

Makes we Repair

Frequently Asked Question

Everyone wants to know how long the procedure is going to take.Each make and model is different. There are some Jobs which are straight forward in estimating time to Repair Like replacing Brakes, Lube services etc. But in some Jobs we may encounter unexpected delays like a rusted bolt snaps or Very hard to un screw or wrong parts sent from parts supplier etc. We have courtsey cars for our customers to use while we work on their cars.
Unlike many other garages who outsource their WOF certification or hire a mobile WOF Inspectors. Hygrade Motors have multiple in-house Wof Inspectors. Which means we can give WOF while you wait and share genuine situation with you. No funny business.
This is quite possibly the most frequently asked question in the auto industry. First, you want to know what needs to be done to your vehicle. This can range anywhere from needing a part replaced, to needing a new fuel filter, to patching your tires. Depending on what problems your car is currently experiencing can determine what actually needs to be done to it by your mechanic. Even though you may not always understand the terminology, it is good to have an idea of what is being done for future reference.
Everyone wants to know how long the procedure is going to take. On average, car repairs take around a day or two, but can possibly take up to a week depending on how severe the issue is and whether or not the parts are readily available to you or not. Getting an estimate on how long the process is going to take can help you plan and figure out other means of transportation until it is fixed.
We would love to give you exact amount you will need to pay before we start the work and we succeed in doing it most of the Time but there are times we come across we find more problems while dismantling damaged parts or there might be some worn parts which might require replacement soon and econamical replaced now rather than spending labour later. We are MTA approved workshop and give you professional advise.
We are bound by Consumers guarantees act All new parts comes with supplier's or Manufacturers warranty. It is advisible to talk to us about Labour warranty at the time of repair.

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